Advanced Treatment Septic Systems in the Collingwood Area

Twenty-five percent of Canadians have their wastewater treated by a septic system. Dale Ottewell Construction & Logging Ltd is experienced at installing all types of septic systems for residential and commercial use. We also offer other excavation services.

Whether you choose a conventional or advanced treatment system, we will handle all steps of the process including design, site preparation and installation. You can also count on us to repair all kinds of septic systems, including EcoFlo®, Infiltrator and conventional septic systems.

Conventional Systems

A conventional septic system has a septic tank and a soil filter or drain field. In the tank, all your wastewater is treated for bacteria. Once it reaches a safe level, it is sent through pipes to the drain field where it is filtered naturally and eventually returned to the ground water. From tanks to sand for your drain field, Dale Ottewell Construction & Logging Ltd has the supplies and materials needed for a conventional septic system.

Premier Tech Aqua logo

Premier Tech Aqua Ecoflo® Systems

Premier Tech Aqua Ecoflo® Systems makes the most environmentally friendly advanced treatment system. Its patented natural filtering device ensures pollutants are filtered and retained until they degrade. This permanent system offers easy maintenance and maximum use of your yard.

Waterloo Biofilter Systems Inc

Waterloo Biofilter Systems Inc.

Fully approved for use in Ontario, the Waterloo Biofilter septic system is great for homes, cottages, commercial and light industrial applications. These eco-friendly systems are technologically advanced, are energy efficient, have a permanent filter, are easy to maintain and leave a small footprint on the environment.

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